We are a film production company driven by passion
to turn your vision into reality.

About Us

Nothing inspires us more than fresh ideas.

Visions, ideas, dreams, thoughts, call them what you like - the creative process starts in your mind. Once that idea has been formed, you need the perfect blend of magic and tenacious dedication to make it come to life.

Established in 1998, Navigator is a leading Cape Town-based film production company headed up by Meike and Tina. Our rock-solid teams are committed to producing work of the highest standard, and our reputation for doing so has turned us into one of South Africa's most respected service facilitators.

With a combination of hard work, determination, grit, stamina and passion - we are the people who turn your vision into reality.

Our Values


We won’t promise
anything we can’t


When we take on a job
our absolute all goes into it,
every step of the way.


Our hands-on
approach delivers
every time.


Our systems are highly
efficient, just bring
the ideas.


Meet the ones who make the magic happen every day.

Meike Laesch Schoeman
Executive Producer
With 22 years of international film production experience under her belt, Meike thrives on the challenges of the industry. She is well-known amongst longstanding clients and in the local industry for her open heart but she 'rules' with tough and fair business ethics. Originally from Germany, Meike's adventurous heart was lost to Africa whilst exploring its beauty.
Meike Laesch Schoeman
Executive Producer
Tina Talbot
Executive Producer
A Filipina raised in America, Tina has been living in South Africa for the past 23 years, 18 of which she has worked in the film industry. With a quiet, calm and measured demeanour, she's fast thinking and has a strength for logistics and planning. To balance the intense pace of work, she practises yoga which keeps her sane.
Tina Talbot
Executive Producer
Nadia Boshoff
Nadia is best described by colleagues as enthusiastic with a great sense of humour. A born and bred South African, she is a natural people's person and a great judge of character. Nadia loves the adrenaline, creativity and diversity found in this ever-changing industry she is honoured to be a part of. Nadia spends her spare time travelling, exploring, shopping and...laughing.
Nadia Boshoff

Why choose us?

We offer more than a service, we understand your vision. Whatever it is that you can imagine - we will do everything in our power to make it real.

What we do

Comprehensive location and casting support
Working in SA and beyond borders, we source pictures, keep an eye on talent, research and secure locations (specific or otherwise).
Solutions-based research for excellent results
Stunts and SFX, animal, agricultural or sports requirements, specific talents, technical and equipment related research.
Precise bidding with logistical planning
We have a quick turnaround on delivery, bid towards budget restrictions and stick to effective scheduling.
We will execute your vision according to your needs
We have a talent for negotiations, and will work with you to find solutions.
Personal attention
We'll cater to your personal needs, and try to make sure you have fun on and off set.
Projects in Development
We are pleased and excited to have recently extended our company into the development of documentaries and other long form projects, while continuing to facilitate the same.
David Grier - Extreme Journeys – Cuba
(Feature-length documentary)

Don't Talk With Your Mouth Full
(Fireside Culinary Safari – Series 1 – 13 x 52 minutes)

(Feature-length documentary)

Africa's Best Young Entrepreneurs: 30 Voices, One Continent
(Documentary Series – 6 x 60 minutes)

World Design Capital Cape Town 2014
(Documentary Series – 6 x 60 minutes)

The Travelling Yogi´s
(Series – 13 x 26 minutes)

Ask Why
(Series for children aged 6-12 years – 13 x 26 minutes)

(Documentary – 1 x 60 minutes)

Journey Over the Rainbow
(Travel Series – 26 x 24 minutes)


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Our Work

Get in touch

Meike Laesch Schoeman

Executive Producer
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Tina Talbot

Executive Producer
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Nadia Boshoff

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Anke Bergsma

Office Manager – General Enquiries
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