Who is Navigator Films? Our World

We turn inspiration into perspiration. We turn imagination into a location. We turn characters into a cast. We turn dreamscapes into a set. We turn tight budgets into winning bids. We turn ideas into deadlines. We turn your vision into reality.

We understand the hard work that goes into coming up with your big idea and we’re aware of the care it takes to mould your dream into a vision. That’s why we don’t only live in a creative world of ideas; we also inhabit a world of bad-ass dedication, tight deadlines, long hours, high expectations, and being absolutely passionate about delivering what you’ve envisioned.

Why us? Because we deliver the goods

By now most of you know what South Africa has to offer – this isn’t a hard sell. We have the weather, the phenomenal locations, the talent pool and world-class crew.

With over 40 years of combined industry experience for many of the most creative production houses, agencies and clients in the industry, this is reason enough to choose us; but it’s more than just about cold credentials.

We’re as passionate about your ideas as you are and we’ll bust our chops to bring your film to life. We won’t be making promises we can’t keep and with our hands-on approach and experience, we’ll push that envelope to give you what you’re after. We keep it real and work those budgets, and sometimes, you’ll even get some change back.

We’re here, solid and totally committed to making the production you imagined because that’s what great visions deserve (hopefully while having a damned good time while we’re at it).

Who we are, the Navigators